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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”  ― Muhammad Ali


Project Timeline is a call to action. Birthed from a desire to even the inner-city playing field through music and shine a light on African American contributions, it seeks to make a deep connection with all who will listen.  At its core, Project Timeline’s focused goal is to elevate and educate.  Donating resources such as instruments alongside highly qualified and passionate educators is only the beginning.  A deep understanding of the challenges and adversities that face today’s youth in underserved communities of color means that the urgency to spark an interest that will engage, build confidence, and inspire will be an ongoing focus each and every year.


An initiative of the Drum Workshop Music Foundation, Project Timeline is a music-centric advisory board made up of manufacturing industry veterans and celebrated drummers and percussionists.  Aptly named, it’s a thoughtful approach to teaching students the importance of a uniquely African American musical linage and the influence it has had on a wide range of enduring genres.  All of these goals will be met via aggressive and consistent outreach, along with help from a variety of strategic partners.


The basis of all music is rhythm.  It has inherent cultural significance—it’s easily relatable and demonstratable.  Our collective hearts beat with a rhythm that unites us all.  Rhythm is a universal truth that is a fundamental part of African language, art, and the culture as a whole.  The timeline that is taught can be both elementary and highly specific, speaking to a multitude of students in various age groups and scholastic levels.


Each year during Black History Month, Drum Workshop will develop an exclusive, limited edition instrument to benefit DWMF.  100% of the sale will be donated to the program.  The annual instrument will also be a means to amplify Project Timeline’s efforts and further its ongoing mission.


We invite you to join us as we reach out to L.A.’s most underserved schools and light a spark that will only grow stronger with each beat of the drum.

To purchase this limited edition snare drum please contact:


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